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DIY: Maleficent Horns // English // Easy

Because I have always celebrated costume partys and dressing up, I thought I show you a little last-minute-trick today. My inspiration for this were the horns of “Maleficent” in the remake of sleeping beauty played by Angelina Jolie. Large black horns like these are the eye-catcher for any costume: Whether you are a mythical creature or a spooky monster.
And this is how it’s done:

Firstly, you have to think about what kind of creature you want to be. You can craft little horns or large ones. In the end, it is only important that they are well balanced so that they will not slip forwards or backwards. Just have a look at a few images via Google or draw shape and size of the horns you have in mind on a piece of paper in order to have an orientation while sculpting them.

If you have a direction you are happy with, you are all set to start sculpting your horns. Grab a generous piece of aluminium foil and begin by sculpting a thick roll in the size of what you had in mind. Keep pressing the layers of aluminium foil with your hands firmly against each other to create a stable foundation you can work with. Don’t worry, you will get the hang of it in no time. If you are not satisfied with the result, try to attach single pieces of foil on to the parts you are unhappy with and, as I said, keep pressing them firmly.

For example, I would try to make the base of the horns thicker and then continue with the rest thinner and thinner until you reach the tip. When you finished the shape of your role to your satisfaction, you are ready to bend them in the right position. At the end, knock the base of your horns on the ground a few times to smooth out surface unevenness.

Attaching and covering:

Now it is time to attach the horns on your hair circlet. The latter should be a basic one with a smooth surface and no odds and ends. I recommend you to put on the circlet,   stand in front of your mirror and try to find the perfect position for your horns. After that, you attach them to your circlet using duct tape, packing tape or a similar alternative. Put them on again to make sure that they are well balanced because when you covered them, they are harder to bend. If everything is in good shape and balanced, you can subsequently take your duct tape and wrap it around your hair circlet and horns. Don’t forget to press the tape firmly against the aluminium foil so that the texture of the foil becomes visible. Simply cut of excess material using scissors.

If you don’t want black horns but a different colour, you will have to invest some more time because in this case, the packing tape comes into play. Packing tape can be dipped into any kind of glue (preferably normal craft glue) and then wrapped around your horns. The packing tape gives your horns the wheel-like texture and helps recognizing shadow and light while painting them. When everything has dried well, you can paint your horns using acrylic paint, which then has to dry too of course. Finish your horns by fixing them with hairspray. Remember to use a hair circlet that matches the colour you chose because most circlet cannot be painted over.
I actually only needed twenty minutes to finish my horns.
Aside from them, my costume consisted of a black dress, white make up, and a veil to which I attached my hair circlet with the horns. With very little effort, I felt like a female demon stepping right out of a Burton movie.

So, if you spontaneously decide to go on a Halloween party, maybe this is something for you.
Jabbering, suggestions and constructive criticism is welcome in the comments.
Stay magical!
Translation in collaboration with  M. Borchelt

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